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Culturally responsive and socially just mental health services

Are you or your loved ones struggling with issues stemming from any mental health or life skills challenges?

​You are not alone; we are here to empower you to overcome your mental health and life challenges and improve your quality of life.

To have an insight into the therapy process and to ascertain if the therapist is the right fit for you, we are offering you a no-obligation free 15-minute consultation session.

A Bit about Counselling, Coaching and Therapy

Counsellors and Therapists “help people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives”.  
(American Psychological Association - APA)

Our clients develop life-changing behaviours and habits through various life coaching, psychotherapy methods, and collaboratively developed treatment measures. 

Counselling or therapy “involves communication between patients and therapists that is intended to help people:

  • Find relief from emotional distress as in becoming less anxious, fearful or depressed.

  • Seek solutions to problems in their lives, such as dealing with disappointment, grief, family issues, and job or career dissatisfaction.

  • Modify ways of thinking and acting that are preventing them from working productively and enjoying personal relationships” (APA).

In general, therapy, counselling and coaching sessions are designed to unpack issues and provide clients with tools to help them effectively use their strengths and newly acquired skills.

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